Boarding the Bald Head Island Ferry

Passengers are encouraged to purchase ferry tickets and make tram reservations in advance of your planned voyage either through the website or the mobile app.  Those with existing tram-eligible ticket classes (Class I General Fare with accompanying children, Class II Bulk 40) may call (910) 457-5003 to make a tram reservation.  Tickets may also be purchased at the ticket window for standby passengers.  It is recommended you arrive at the Deep Point terminal 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time to allow time for baggage drop-off and parking.  Once you arrive at the Deep Point terminal to board the ferry, proceed to the lower level.  Passengers with ferry reservations may proceed to the “Reservations” section indicated by signs in the waiting area.  Standby passengers will wait in line to board the next available ferry.  Please note there are no restrooms in the loading area.

“Old” bar-coded paper tickets for round trip voyages may still be used as a standby passenger.  Please keep track of your second ticket for your return voyage.  Ferry tickets purchased at the ticket window, through the website, or on the app will be a single QR-coded ticket (electronic or paper) for both your departure and return, and will be valid for all members in your party when purchased for a group.  We recommend storing your ferry ticket on your phone by either a screen shot, photo of the QR code on your receipt, or moving your ticket into your Apple Wallet (with iPhone).  If your party is not traveling together, you may email or text the QR code to other members of your party to board separately.  Please note, if your party is not boarding together at your reserved ferry time, the remainder of your party will be boarded as standby passengers.

When the vessel arrives at the terminal for loading, please have your ticket(s) available for scanning.  Passengers with reservations will be boarded first, followed by standby passengers until the ferry reaches its maximum allowable capacity of 150 passengers.  The person scanning will validate your ticket(s) with the scanning device and allow you to board.  If you are traveling as a group, you will be asked to verify the number of riders in your party, and all those present in your party must board together.

Please be advised that eating, drinking and pets are not permitted inside the passenger cabin. Pets are allowed on the exterior areas of the ferries. Smoking and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere aboard the ferry. Upon arrival at the Bald Head Island ferry landing, you’ll disembark the ferry and follow the signs for tram assignments if you made a tram reservation.  Once you’ve been given your tram assignment, you’ll need to claim your baggage and place it next to your assigned tram. The tram will then take you to your accommodations.